HVL Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer-driven organization, the strength of HVL's program relies on our community's support. Below is a list of roles the HVL Board is seeking to fill.

Boys Scheduler - 2 year commitment beginning 2024 season

  • Works with Director to coordinate the season schedule.
  • Communicate with opposing teams’ schedulers to facilitate games.  (January)
  • Manage initial TeamSnap schedule input. (February)
  • Provide finalized schedule with our Referee scheduler to make sure all home games are staffed.  (February)
  • Provide finalized referee schedule to Treasure for payment (April).
    • Follow-up with the Treasurer to make sure referees get paid at home games.

Girls Scheduler - Filled through 2024 season.

Equipment Manager - 2 year commitment beginning 2024 season

  • Working with Boys/Girls Leads to oversee equipment needs.
    • Take pre-season inventory of equipment in HVL Twin Pines Shed (med kits, balls, etc). and provide information to Boys/Girls Directors for purchase. (January)
    • Check status of all goals at Twin Pines before the start of the season to make sure nets are in good condition.  (January)
    • At the end of the season, check to see that all goalie equipment and ball bags have been returned to the shed. (May)

Girls Uniform Coordinator / Boys Uniform Coordinator / Spirit Wear Coordinator - 2 year commitment beginning 2024 season

  • Uniform Coordinators -
    • Work directly with uniform vendor to set-up HVL Uniform Store. (January)
    • Provide HVL uniform store link to Communication Director for email distribution and website post. (January)
    • Receive final uniform order from vendor and assign jersey numbers based on number request and availability.  (February)
    • Check HVL inventory and order between 5-10 extra uniforms.
    • Vendor will individually package all orders and sort by team.  Uniform Coordinators will then distribute to coaches.  (March)
  • Spirit Wear Store CoordinatorCan also be filled by either Boys or Girls Uniform Coordinator.
    • The Spirit Wear Coordinator can be either the boys or girls uniform coordinator.
    • Work with spirit wear vendor and choose items to include in HVL Spirit-Wear store, get store link and provide to Communications Director.   (October for Holiday Store and March)
    • All orders are shipped directly to purchaser.  No fulfillment responsibility.

Communications Manager - 2 year commitment beginning 2024 season

  • Liaison between HVL and elementary/middle schools.
  • Provide school contacts with HVL spring early bird/regular registration announcements. (January and February)
  • Coordinate placement of HVL Spring Registration Lawn Signs. (February) Return lawn signs to Twin Pines Shed. (March)
  • Social Media
    • Post registration announcements on HVL Social Media, including Instagram and Facebook.  (January and February)
    • We are also seeking more consistent social media presence.  Communication Manager role can also help add to HVL social media.

Webmaster - 2 year commitment beginning 2024 season

  • Work with Girls/Boys Directors to maintain Team Snap website - add new information as needed and remove outdated information.
  • Setup and manage Team Snap registration (November)
    • Coordinate with Girls/Boys Directors on season pricing, Waivers, etc.
  • Roster and Publish Teams using Team Snap platform. (February)

Girls and Boys Team Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches - Seasonal Commitment 

Girls and Boys Team Managers - Seasonal Commitment

  • One manager per girls and boys team.
  • Work with team coaches to help communicate changes, reminders through TeamSnap updates.
  • At the start of the season, ensure TeamSnap Roster is complete and team uniform #’s are updated. (March)
  • Help coaches set-up and remove all necessary equipment on game days (score tables, scoreboards, etc.).
  • Utilize Team Snap Assignments to coordinate scorekeepers for home games.
  • Create/distribute sign-up genius for tournaments and end-of-season celebrations.

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