Little Laxers Equipment Information

Little Laxers Equipment Information


Each player is required to bring his or her own gender-specific youth lacrosse stick.  Shafts should be custom cut to fit the child in advance of the first practice.  Please do not purchase a "mini stick,” which is a gender-neutral toy lacrosse stick.  These toy sticks have head and shaft proportions that do not work with regulation-size balls.

If you need help fitting your child with his or her lacrosse stick, you may speak to a member of our coaching staff.  Additionally, we recommend visiting Lacrosse Unlimited in Nassau Park Pavilion for guidance.



Boys are required to wear a properly-sized lacrosse-specific helmet. Girls are required to wear properly-sized lacrosse-specific goggles.  Hockey helmets or squash goggles are not allowed.  Please fit the helmet/goggles to your child's head prior to the first practice.

To reduce equipment costs, additional protective equipment like gloves, shoulder pads and arm guards are not required for boys to participate.  Our program does not allow body contact.  


Mouth Guards

Boys and girls are required to wear a mouthguard.  Mouth guards must be properly trimmed and molded to fit comfortably in your child's small mouth.  (If your child has an orthodontist, check whether he/she provides and molds mouth guards).  It is our recommendation that you purchase more than one mouthguard for your child as they are easily lost.

We strongly encourage that you child use all equipment at home prior to the first practice.  

We understand that Little Laxers may be your child’s first experience wearing sports’ equipment.  Coaches will be available 30 minutes prior to the first practice to help with any equipment issues.  We will work with each child to make sure they are comfortable and protected.



It is recommended that all players wear comfortable athletic clothing and sneakers, taking into consideration daily weather conditions.  Players should bring labeled water  bottles.  Cleats are acceptable but not required.

Additional questions?  Contact Emily West: