Welcome to Hopewell Valley Lacrosse

Dedicated to promoting youth lacrosse for boys and girls grades K-8 in Hopewell Township, New Jersey.

Our Vision

The vision of Hopewell Valley Lacrosse is to inspire, engage and help maximize the potential of every child who joins our community.  We are committed to teaching individual and team lacrosse fundamentals and are equally as passionate about developing our players’ character, sportsmanship and leadership skills.  We define our teams’ “success” not by wins and losses but by our players’ enjoyment and desire to continue to pursue the game.

Three pillars guide our vision to support the whole athlete:

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Player Development

We believe our role at the recreational level is to ignite a life-long love of lacrosse and provide the foundational skillset for our players to pursue their own unique pathways - from middle and high school team participation to competitive travel club programs and beyond. We encourage multi-sport participation and believe a variety of sport experience is vital to player development and success.  


Character and Leadership Skills Development

We believe that the foundation for valuable life lessons can be introduced through sports.  We are passionate about helping to develop these important character and leadership skills in each of our players.  Respect, accountability, self-confidence, hard-work and resiliency are the core values that form the basis of our teaching.  


Community Development

We strive to foster an inclusive community where all players feel valued regardless of age or ability.  Through their shared experience in HVL, we want our players to grow as individuals, teammates and leaders.  We encourage our older players to give back to our community through volunteer and mentoring opportunities offered through our program.

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