2022 Lax in the Valley Rules

Thank you for participating in Lax in the Valley, 2022!  After a two-year covid induced hiatus, we are excited to bring this fun event back to Hopewell.  This is a play day, not a tournament.  We look forward to a great day of lacrosse competition and fun!  Below you will find all tournament information, including game rules, parking, vendor info and more.

Game Schedule 

    • We have uploaded the schedule to Tournament Machine.  A PDF copy is also available on our website. 


    • Officials will be assigned to all divisions.  Two officials will officiate 5/6 and 7/8 levels.  One official will officiate at the 3/4 level.

Game Length:

    • 3/4:   All 3/4 games will play 15 minute halves with 5 min halftime and 5 min transition between games.  Referees will keep time, and with the help of designated Field Marshalls, will maintain punctuality.  All teams will play three games each.
    • 5/6 and 7/8:  All 5/6 and 7/8 games will consist of 20 min halves, 5 min halftime and 5 min transition between games.  Central Horns will determine the start/stop of games.  Referees will help keep teams punctual from halftime to the start of the second half. 
    • All teams play 3 games each.
    • Time outs are not permitted and the game clock will be running, including during injuries.

Field size and Location:   

    • 3/4 games will be played on Fields 1 and 2, which are modified-sized fields per USA Lax.  
    • 5/6 and 7/8 games will play on Fields 3, 4 and 5, which are regulation-sized youth lacrosse fields per USA Lax.  

Goal Differential 

    • We have made every effort to group teams by level to keep the play competitive.  However, should a team be outmatched, a Five Goal Differential Rule will apply.  Under this rule, the team trailing by five goals has the option of taking possession at midfield in lieu of a draw.  Please practice good sportsmanship at all levels.  

Game Rules

Except where otherwise noted, we will follow JGLA Rules and Guidelines (Youth 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8).  

  • Defensive Rules:
    • A Three-Second Closely Guarded Rule for good defense will apply to all 3/4 games and 5/6 modified checking games.   
    • 7/8 games will be modified checking UNLESS both coaches agree and are JGLA certified.  The official must be notified to apply transitional checking.  
      • Transitional checking defined: An attempt to dislodge the ball from the stick in which the checking movement is down and away from the body, and outside a 12-inch sphere surrounding the head.
    • Any check to the head is mandatory yellow card and two-minute penalty for the player initiating the foul.  The team of that player will play short.  Penalty time will be kept by the designated Field Marshall.
  • 3/4 Level Specific Rules
    • 3/4 will play 7v7 (8v8) plus a goalie.  If only one team has a goalie and the other does not, JGLA rules for goalie sharing will apply - Teams may share the goalie (one half each).  However, if the coaches do no agree to share the goalie, both goals will be flipped and games will be played with no goalie.
    • Two players must always stay behind the restraining line.  The restraining line is the midfield line.
    • Each half begins with a draw.  After a goal, the team scored upon begin with a free possession at midfield with the opposing team 4 M away on a 45-degree angle.  The possession will be indirect. 
    • A one pass rule will be instituted after the draw.  No pass rule at any other times. 
    • There will be no self-start at the 3/4 level.


  • Good sportsmanship from all players, coaches and parents is expected at all times.  Hopewell Valley Lacrosse reserves the right to remove any coaches and/or parents who do not practice good sportsmanship towards opponents, opponent’s coaches, referees or opposing team’s parents.


Parking, Vendor and Facility Information


  • A parking map has been provided and is available on our website by clicking HERE.


  • Ewing Sports will be onsite selling LITV tournament apparel as well as other items.  You can also visit the LITV Store to pre-order your tournament spirit wear by clicking HERE! Items will be available for pick up at the Ewing Sport Tent on the tournament day.
  • Kona Ice Truck and Let’s Have a Ball will also be onsite for food options.

Team Areas

  • Teams are invited to bring snacks for enjoyment between games.   Please bring your own trash bags and be respectful of the fields by cleaning up your areas after use.  A dumpster will be onsite for use in clean-up.